RELEASE-6 amd64 + i386 Fails to see ICH5 controller?

S.C. Gehl alphavinlander at
Fri Dec 9 09:28:21 PST 2005


I need assistence getting my system stable.

I have used fbsd for 5 years now with no problems ever.

I have a new system;

Tyan Thunder i7525 (S2676) with 2 gigs ram and single nocona

I have tried everything from 5.4 to 7.0 i386 and amd64 to no availe, except
for 6.0-BETA4 which boots in safemode.

With Beta-4 i could net install 6.0-RELEASE onto my system, and for some
reason 6.0-RELEASE boots into safe mode fine. But an actual 6.0-RELEASE cd
will not.

After several compiled kernels from RELENG_6 source... nothing will see my

It will only find my floppy drive.

I finally built a kernel that works most of the time by taking out
PREEMPTIVE from kernel config. ACPI mode sometimes works, but usually
safemode has to be used.

Without PREEMPTIVE my system is very choppy and sticks for a few seconds at

ATA claims to support ICH5.

What can I do?


P.S. I used FreeSBiE livecd to boot my system when a kernel would fail to
see my drives... Oddly, FreeSBiE would boot normally with ACPI working.
Plus, X works great on my unsupported ATI FireGL V3100! X wont even start on
my system under 6.0-RELEASE

---S.C. Gehl, 'Beauty to Burn'

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