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John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Wed Dec 7 08:25:19 PST 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 10:10 am, Joseph Koshy wrote:
> jk> Why not install all 32 bit stuff under /compat/freebsd-i386/?
> jb> Maybe put headers in /usr/include32?
> /compat/<os>-<version>-<arch>/{bin,lib,include,whatever}/
> is a little more future proof, IMHO.
> For example we may want to support various Linux and Solaris
> flavors in addition to FreeBSD/ia32.

Peter has been trying to avoid that for native 32-bit apps on a given 64-bit 
platform (such as FreeBSD/i386 on amd64 or ia64 or sparcv8 on 
FreeBSD/sparc64).  That's why there is /usr/lib32, LD32_LIBRARY_PATH, etc.

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