Installing Opera ...

Matthew D. Fuller fullermd at
Fri Dec 2 13:38:30 PST 2005

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 10:27:38PM +0100 I heard the voice of
Torfinn Ingolfsen, and lo! it spake thus:
> Like this?
> ===>   opera-8.51.20051114 depends on shared library: c_r.4 - not found
> ===>    Verifying install for c_r.4 in /usr/ports/misc/compat4x
> ===>  compat4x-amd64-5.3_2 in unsupported (FreeBSD 4.x did not run on
> this architecture).
> Opera requires the compat4x port (because it is compiled for FreeBSD
> 4.6, I think), but the compat4x port isn't supprted on the amd64
> platform. Like the message tells you.

Well, but Opera is an i386 binary.  You may be able to run it if you
can get the compat4x-i386 package installed, since it would need the
i386 libraries anyway.  But it would need the i386 X libraries too...

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