Tyan alternatives cuz their support totally sucks

Nathan Vidican nvidican at wmptl.com
Fri Dec 2 10:57:46 PST 2005

O. Hartmann wrote:
>>> Requirements:
>>> 1) Single Opteron should suffice
>>> 2) DDR400 ECC supported
>>> 3) SATA disk subsystem will suffice 2 drive gmirror conf.  4 drive
>>> would be bonus.  SATA-II (or 3.0 I guess they're calling it now)
>>> preferred.
> As far as I know, SATA-II is NOT SATA 3.0. SATA-II is still SATA 1.0a 
> and defines doubling of tranfer rate.
>>> All this b.s. w/Tyan has chewed up far too much of my time so I need
>>> something that will "just work" and not require any hardware
>>> compatibility histrionics.
>> I've always had good experiences with MSI boards/systems... generally 
>> well priced/featured and their support is pretty good.
> TYAN is said to be a good choice in building server related systems, 
> while MSI is more aimed for the home and office market (I may be wrong).
> Oliver

MSI has a server line as well, including 1U bare-bones, motherboards, etc... I 
have 4 dual AMD Opteron boxes here based on MSI K8Master's ... GREAT board, 
though must warn they are a bit pricey at ~ $500 - $600 / each, I have them 
configured with dual 246 cpu's and 4gb ecc registered memory each 
(coincidentally with 3ware raid cards we've had so many posts in here about lately).

Knock-on-wood, not a single day/moment's downtime yet attributable to the 
hardware in these things.

Nathan Vidican
nvidican at wmptl.com
Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.

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