6.0 boot CD does not boot?

Olaf Greve o.greve at axis.nl
Thu Dec 1 12:45:15 GMT 2005


Normally if the i386 version boots from a CD-ROM drive, then so should 
the amd64 version (in the same drive). So, unless the burning of the 
CD-ROM somehow failed and/or the CD is damaged, it should really work.

Nowwwww, having said that, I once made an extremely stupid mistake. In 
fact, it's so stupid that I was not going to tell it to anyone, but 
then, there is a remote possibility the same happened to you, sooo 
(*blush*): did you actually check if your burning program _interpreted_ 
the ISO file and burnt the _contents_ to disc (which would be correct), 
or whether it just burnt the ISO image _itself_ to disc (which would 
explain why the CD doesn't boot ;) )?

I know from personal experience that one feels really stupid when this 
happens (I certainly did :P ), but at times when dragging an ISO image 
in a burning program the result is not as expected. In my case this 
occurred when I dragged an ISO image in K3B under CentOS Linux. I have 
to add that that day I was somewhat in a hurry and therefore didn't 
check properly before hitting the "burn" button, but that was what 
happened to me...:)


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