xorg configuration? or sshd?

Ranko Sredojevic surija at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 01:31:50 GMT 2005

  Hi, all!

Has anyone seen these trying to start Cadence on remote host:

*WARNING* file /home/rasha/CDS.log File is already locked by some other
*ERROR* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor or 8-bit PseudoColor Visual.
*WARNING* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor or 8-pbit PseudoColor

If so, could you give some pointers what to do? One solution proposed on
some RH list is changing the
video card?!?

My xorg.conf has only 24-bit entry and I have radeon 9250 and ATI(RADEON)

I have been experiencing problems with Matlab GUI when running it on remote
(GUI was dead and it appeared as a huge window without right edge...) until
I started

ssh -CY

instead ssh -CX

Could this one be ssh related or is it my xorg configuration?


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