nForce4 Ultra and nVidia Professional on 6.x??

Ken Gunderson kgunders at
Sun Aug 28 21:16:57 GMT 2005


Two questions for the fbsd amd64 gurus....

1) Does anybody have any experience w/nForce4 Ultra on FBSD-6.x??  It's
essentially the same chipset as SLI (w/one resistor left open) so it
should parallel nForce4 SLI. 

2) I was on Gigabytes site and noticed this:


as "coming soon" Opteron based board.  Looks interesting but I'm
unfamilliar w/the chipsets:

ChipSet Description    

    * NVIDIA® nForce™ Professional 2200
    * NVIDIA® nForce™ Professional 2050
    * AMD® 8132

Can anyone clue me in as to compatability w/FBSD??


Best regards,

Ken Gunderson

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