Follow-up - K8T890 where everything works (Soltek, recommended)

mschulma at mschulma at
Tue Aug 23 12:55:43 GMT 2005

Based on Mike's message, I also purchased the Soltek
SL-K890Pro-939.  I plugged two SATA drives into the onboard
Promise RAID controller ports, used the configuration tools
built-in to the BIOS to build a RAID 1 array, and was able
to install FreeBSD 5.4 onto ar0 without a hitch.  (The
installer also listed ad4 and ad6 as optional installation

By unplugged one drive at a time, I confirmed the system
would boot off either remaining drive.  I'm not sure I'll
use this in production - the geom-based mirroring provides
a lot of useful mirror status information, and can rebuild
a disk while the OS is running, but it does work on this


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