Supermicro H8DAR-8 motherboard

Guy Helmer ghelmer at
Wed Aug 17 21:11:26 GMT 2005

Scott Long wrote:

> Guy Helmer wrote:
>> Martin Nilsson wrote:
>>> Guy Helmer wrote:
>>>> Has anyone on the list tried the new Supermicro H8DAR-8 or related 
>>>> motherboards for Opterons?  If so, any issues?
>>> I have a H8DAE running in a test-box before we start selling them.
>>> So far I have ony found one problem:
>>> It is impossible to boot FreeBSD/i386 with the 1U IPMI card, the 
>>> kernel panics when loading the keyboard driver. This does not happen 
>>> with FreeBSD/amd64. I haven't tested how well the IPMI card works in 
>>> FreeBSD, there may be problems with the bge driver.
>>> Other than that I really like the board. If you have any more 
>>> questions I'll be happy to answer them.
>> We received the H8DAR-8 unit a little over a week ago with dual 
>> Opteron 275s and it has been running well since.  I didn't have any 
>> problem installing FreeBSD 6.0-BETA1, and I ran "make -j12 
>> buildworld" continuously on it over a weekend.  It finally crashed on 
>> an sbfree call, but I'd chalk that up to BETA1.  It's been solid 
>> under a lighter load since.  I like the board and I'm glad Supermicro 
>> was able to cram it into a 1U case :-)
>> Guy
> Do you have any crash data on the panic?  Unfortunately, we haven't 
> perfected the 'self fixing beta release', so we rely on good reports 
> to get bugs fixed manually =-)
> Scott

I'll have to build a kernel with the debugging features to get a useful 
backtrace (if I can make it happen again with the current BETA-2 
sources).  I'll try to get it started tomorrow.


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