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Mon Aug 15 15:42:57 GMT 2005

Ken Gunderson wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 15:29:56 +0100
> David Reid <david at> wrote:
>>Ken Gunderson wrote:
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>>>>>On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 08:58:23AM -0600, Ken Gunderson wrote:
>>>>>>Greets All:
>>>>>>I'm liking these amd opteron servers so much that I am considering
>>>>>>building an amd based workstationn.  Assumed it would be Athalon based
>>>>>>but in searching archives I note that some folks seem to prefer the
>>>>>>opterons for workstation use. Perhaps to some degree in reaction
>>>>>>to the "chipset mess".  I'm not averse to spending a bit more for the
>>>>>>opteron system but it seems to me the Opteron's CPU heatsink/fan might
>>>>>>be a bit noisy for workstation use.  And I have buddies shouting in my
>>>>>>ear to "stick w/ Intel" for workstation.  But then I also know others
>>>>>>who run AMD for their desktop machines.  Any recommends based on current
>>>>>>state of affairs in the ADM hardware world?
>>>>>I just got a new box with an Asus A8V Deluxe board (VIA K8T800 Pro,
>>>>>Socket 939), and so far everything seems to be working.  The only
>>>>>unusual thing i had to do for FreeBSD (5.4-R) was adding a patch
>>>>>to the sk nic driver (see other thread.)
>>>>Update on ASUS A8V Deluxe for archives
>>>>I installed 5.4-RELEASE about April (2005) and track 5-Stable on that
>>>>hardware straight from CVS - never had a prob with sk0 yet, it's
>>>>worked since day one with no boot time errors.
>>>Thanks for the input.  My short list is two VIA KT890 based boards:
>>>- Abit AX8v2.0
>>>- Asus A8-E SE
>>>I've had good history w/both of these mobo makers but the Asus gets a
>>>an extra plus in the support department since I can usually find bios
>>>updates etc. on their site w/a bit less digging...;-)
>>when I updated I went for an ABit An-8 Ultra, based on the nVidia
>>chipset, but while the board *almost* works correctly, it seems to have
>>some issues. Also given nVidias approach to drivers I'd suggest avoiding
>>them - I would have if I'd known how bad they were!
> Which is why I'm looking at VIA based boards.  Moreover, given nVidia's
> unwillingness to play nicely with others you can rest assured I'll also
> be purchasing an ATI based VPU...... nVidia probably doesn't give a
> damn one way or the other since they make plenty profit off the
> mainstream Winblows gamers.  But I can do my part and boycott their
> stuff to the extent possible...

Boycotting manufacturers is the only way to go. Sadly, as you say, it'll
take a lot of people to make them sit up and take notice. A long time
ago I tried to organise a site that allowed people to register their
boycott, but I never really got to a point of getting it all working and
ran out of time/enthusiasm.

I ended up with an nVidia VPU, but that was before I realised that I
needed the nvidia driver (which doesn't work on amd64) for dual head. If
 anyone knows of an ATI card that does dual head and DVI output then I'd
be more than happy to hear :-) I will probably swap at some point soonish...


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