workstation mobo

Mark Ogden ogden at
Sat Aug 13 02:07:48 GMT 2005

Richard MAHONEY on Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 01:58:28PM +1200 wrote:
> This sort of beast may be worth considering:
> Supports a good variety of OS's so BSD may be possible.

I happen to have one (model 244 CPUs) of these, and I have not been able to get
Freebsd5.4 to run on it. The install goes fine but once the reboot
happens, the usb keyboard and mouse don't work. I have remotely
rebuilt the kernel not removing anything (just using generic) and it
still fails. I sent mail a while back to the list but have heard

I have not retired this machine using FreeBSD 5.4 in about a week but
may try again this weekend. 


> Best,
>  Richard

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