workstation mobo

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Fri Aug 12 15:23:04 GMT 2005


Ken Gunderson wrote:
> opteron system but it seems to me the Opteron's CPU heatsink/fan might

I do not have experience with actual Intel and AMD CPUs but a lot with 
cooling of hot machines.

AMD CPU use even a bit less power than Intel CPUs. But it could be that 
the off-the-shelf fans are not the best choice.

Get the biggest heatsink you can find which still fits into the box with 
also a huge Papst fan.

If this is still to much noise, take water.

> be a bit noisy for workstation use.  And I have buddies shouting in my
> ear to "stick w/ Intel" for workstation.  But then I also know others
> who run AMD for their desktop machines.  Any recommends based on current
> state of affairs in the ADM hardware world?  

I would still take Tyan motherboards.


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