5.3-RELEASE (amd64) on LSILogic 1030 / mpt controller.

Krzysztof Kowalik kkowalik at uci.agh.edu.pl
Thu Aug 11 10:10:47 GMT 2005

Krzysztof Kowalik [kkowalik at uci.agh.edu.pl] wrote:
> > And 5-STABLE (installed snapshot from the end of January and upgraded to
> > a recent -STABLE) works fine. I love to answer to myself.
> And, despite my hopes, 5.4-RELEASE/amd64 does not work again. I think
> I'm getting unlucky recently. 

And 6.0-BETA2 works fine. Did someone forget to merge some fixes for mpt
from RELENG_5 to RELENG_5_4? Not that it really matters, if I can get
6.0 working on this box...

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