OpenOffice2.0 64Bit ready?

Steve Kargl sgk at
Thu Aug 11 05:11:26 GMT 2005

On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 08:55:08PM -0400, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 04:28:19PM -0700, Steve Kargl wrote:
> > On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 07:02:38PM -0400, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> > > On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 11:13:22PM -0700, Steve Kargl wrote:
> > > 
> > > > To some extent, the Ports Collection has outlived its usefulness.
> > > > It took me 4 hours to fix libgmp4 and add a new port for mpfr
> > > > because the Porter's Handbook is useless.
> > > 
> > > Thanks for the constructive criticism!
> > 
> > Your welcomed.  Now, I'll wait to see how long it 
> > takes to commit the change.
> *sound of sarcasm going by Steve*


man ports

     Ports documentation is split over four places --
     /usr/ports/Mk/, The Porter's Handbook, the ``Packages and
     Ports'' chapter of The FreeBSD Handbook, and this manual page.

I believe sarcasm looks like

2000/06/30 ports/19594 new port: x11/qrash-sdl
2003/05/12 ports/52106 New port: java/javaws: Java Web Start 1.2
2003/12/21 ports/60472 [New Port] devel/doxymacs Doxymacs is Doxygen
2004/02/02 ports/62256 New port: chinese/mozilla-sclp
2004/02/22 ports/63238 New port: french/firefox-flp
2004/02/29 ports/63543 New port: chinese/phpbb-zh_TW
2004/03/15 ports/64307 [NEW PORT] databases/linux-unixODBC
2004/04/24 ports/65934 [NEW PORT] japanese/ja-xmms
2004/04/28 ports/66042 new port: www/suexec13
2004/05/04 ports/66246 new ports: textproc/docbook-utils
2004/05/10 ports/66476 [NEW PORT] misc/gaim-talkfilters
2004/09/10 ports/71550 New port: devel/plan9port 
2004/09/13 ports/71693 [NEW PORT] x11-clocks/9clock
2004/09/21 ports/71953 New port: x11-themes/kde-splash-freebsd
2004/09/22 ports/71997 New port:math/webwork 
2004/10/07 ports/72421 new port: py-Levenshtein
2004/10/12 ports/72550 [NEW PORT] mail/itraxp
2004/10/16 ports/72758 New port: latex-schedule
2004/10/26 ports/73152 [NEW PORT] graphics/chartdirector
2004/11/03 ports/73487 [New Port] devel/p5-Bundle-Perl6
2004/11/06 ports/73609 New port: x11-toolkits/wxhaskell
2004/11/18 ports/74086 New port:chinese/chmsee A viewer for Microsoft Help 
2004/12/09 ports/74882 [New port] java/httpunit: web test framework
2004/12/15 ports/75130 [NEW PORT] www/mono-xsp: A light-weight web server
2004/12/21 ports/75369 new port net/p5-Perlbal
2004/12/30 ports/75643 New Port: x11/PyPanel (A lightweight transparency panel
2005/01/07 ports/75916 New port: net/decv
2005/01/17 ports/76365 NEW PORT net/xdb_auth_cpile A user auth/check module
2005/01/17 ports/76379 New port:biology/p5-Bio-Das
2005/01/27 ports/76748 New port: devel/hs-plugins. Loading Haskell plugins
2005/02/02 ports/76986 New port: print/pmx a pre-processor of MusixTeX
2005/02/10 ports/77359 New port: graphics/gephex Software-based interactive
2005/02/13 ports/77453 new port: print/ghostpcl
2005/02/14 ports/77471 New port: Device driver for Voicetronix OpenLine4
2005/02/14 ports/77495 new port: security/sav
2005/02/16 ports/77584 New ports: games/sear, games/sear-media.
2005/02/23 ports/77980 New Port: www/p5-POE-Component-Server-HTTPServer.
2005/02/24 ports/78012 [NEW PORT] net/abills: Billing system from
2005/03/06 ports/78473 New port: graphics/opencv
2005/03/14 ports/78830 New port: print/latex-auto-greek Auto-switch
2005/03/15 ports/78898 new ports chinese/lumaqq: General QQ-like UI widget
2005/03/19 ports/79021 New port: linux_base-fedora
2005/03/20 ports/79049 New port net-mgmt/netdump-server:RedHat server part
2005/03/30 ports/79346 New port: devel/gobo-eiffel. Libraries and tools
2005/04/17 ports/80043 New port: devel/metaEnv CWI MetaEnvironment.
2005/04/22 ports/80255 New Port : print/lpr-wrapper A user level printer
2005/04/26 ports/80352 New port: security/webfwlog Web-based firewall
2005/04/30 ports/80484 New port: security/synscan flexible, scriptable
2005/05/05 ports/80639 [NEW PORT] www/gwee: Tool to exploit command execution
2005/05/06 ports/80703 [NEW PORT] mail/postfix-policyd: Greylisting/sender
2005/05/09 ports/80826 [NEW PORT] net/unison-devel: A user-level file
2005/05/12 ports/80944 [NEW PORT] www/mnogosearch-php: Mnogosearch PHP
2005/05/13 ports/80968 [NEW PORT] cad/gplcver: A Verilog HDL simulator
2005/05/17 ports/81153 [NEW PORT] chinese/DFSongSd: Chinese TrueType fonts
2005/05/29 ports/81631 new port: german/tvbrowser
2005/06/07 ports/81983 New port: sysutils/pfind Tool for searching ports.
2005/06/12 ports/82155 New port: devel/dynamic-classes C++ dynamic class
2005/06/13 ports/82191 [new port] request to add port x11-toolkits/xforms-i18n
2005/06/14 ports/82218 [NEW PORT] japanese/guesswork: A PHP lightweight
2005/06/15 ports/82289 New Port: sysutils/p5-Sys-Mknod cpan perl module
2005/06/16 ports/82310 [new port] request: sysutils/initng
2005/06/17 ports/82354 [NEW PORT] mail/mimetic: A GPL MIME library
2005/06/19 ports/82427 [NEW PORT] security/amavisd-milter: Milter for
2005/06/21 ports/82501 New port: www/referrercop Filters referrer spam
2005/06/22 ports/82507 [new port] www/quixote-session2: quixote session
2005/06/22 ports/82527 New port: databases/pgmemcache Provides a PostgreSQL
2005/06/23 ports/82574 New port: print/php4-cpdf cpdf support for php4
2005/06/23 ports/82575 New port: print/php5-cpdf cpdf support for php5
2005/06/25 ports/82640 New port: lang/fpc2
2005/06/28 ports/82726 New port: databases/sqlplus Oracle SQL*Plus utility
2005/06/30 ports/82821 New port: graphics/py-gdchart2: python library
2005/07/01 ports/82843 [new port] sysutils/php4-pfpro: Trivial patches
2005/07/03 ports/82950 [NEW PORT] devel/subversion-ruby: Subversion with
2005/07/07 ports/83113 new port: misc/ree - A tool to dump your ROM extensions
2005/07/07 ports/83115 New port: games/exhaust - Redcode simulator easy to
2005/07/07 ports/83116 New port: games/exhaust-ma - Redcode simulator easy
2005/07/08 ports/83120 New port: games/exhaust-doc - Redcode simulator easy
2005/07/12 ports/83315 [NEW PORT] devel/simian: simlarity analysis for
2005/07/13 ports/83370 New port: print/pdfbox
2005/07/14 ports/83481 New port: sysutils/graphicboot
2005/07/18 ports/83653 [NEW PORT] graphics/py-cgkit2: Python Computer
2005/07/19 ports/83707 [NEW PORT] math/p5-Statistics-R: Controls the
2005/07/20 ports/83812 new port, security/sguil-sensor, update to correct
2005/07/21 ports/83838 [NEW PORT] print/latex-circ: A LaTeX package
2005/07/21 ports/83842 [NEW PORT] devel/cegui
2005/07/22 ports/83912 New Port: sysutils/psgconf modular system
2005/07/23 ports/83939 [New Port] games/cavezofphear - Boulder Dash
2005/07/23 ports/83950 [NEW PORT] mail/squirrelmail-change_ldap-plugin:
2005/07/23 ports/83957 new port: gtkextra2
2005/07/23 ports/83958 New Port: textproc/p5-Chess-PGN-Parse
2005/07/23 ports/83964 new port: security/sguil-server, resubmission to fix
2005/07/24 ports/83986 New port www/p5-Apache2-DebugFilter
2005/07/24 ports/83987 New port www/p5-Apache2-Filter-HTTPHeadersFixup
2005/07/25 ports/84039 New port: x11-fm/evidence Enlightened file-manager
2005/07/26 ports/84151 New port devel/p5-Algorithm-LCS Fast (XS)
2005/07/27 ports/84164 New Port: games/p5-Games-Sequential - Sequential
2005/07/27 ports/84165 New Port: games/p5-Games-AlphaBeta
2005/07/28 ports/84223 New port: www/skytemplate
2005/07/29 ports/84314 [New port] www/xshttpd
2005/07/29 ports/84319 New port print/cups-magicolor.
2005/07/30 ports/84329 New port: x11-fonts/proggy_fonts a monospaced
2005/07/30 ports/84342 New port: security/klamav
2005/07/31 ports/84369 new port, x11-toolkits/iwidgets, replacement
2005/08/01 ports/84414 [NEW PORT] x11-fm/tdfsb - A 3D Filesystem Browser
2005/08/01 ports/84430 [New Port] databases/pgcluster74-(server|client) 
2005/08/01 ports/84462 New Port: audio/id3mtag Commandline masstagger
2005/08/02 ports/84474 new distfile location for net/gnome-vnc
2005/08/02 ports/84487 New port: textproc/p5-Syntax-Highlight-Perl-Improved
2005/08/02 ports/84495 [NEW PORT] mail/policyd-sf: Greylisting/sender
2005/08/03 ports/84502 [New Port] mail/gmime2-sharp, slave to mail/gmime2
2005/08/03 ports/84513 [NEW PORT] security/p5-Data-Password: Perl extension
2005/08/03 ports/84521 New port: sysutils/nctop
2005/08/03 ports/84530 [New Port] net-mgmt/ourmon: Network Monitoring and
2005/08/04 ports/84545 New port:lang/pecl-runkit A PECL extension to modify
2005/08/04 ports/84546 New port: devel/BisonGen - General-purpose parser
2005/08/04 ports/84561 [new port] audio/xmms2
2005/08/05 ports/84570 New port: security/p5-Digest-SHA Perl 
2005/08/05 ports/84585 New port: www/py-twistedWeb2 Twisted Web2 Server
2005/08/05 ports/84586 [NEW PORT] devel/rubygem-stream: Interface for
2005/08/05 ports/84587 [NEW PORT] devel/rubygem-rgl: Framework for graph
2005/08/06 ports/84604 New Port: devel/p5-Term-ReadPassword
2005/08/06 ports/84613 New port: java/javasvn
2005/08/06 ports/84614 New port: java/eclipse-javasvn
2005/08/06 ports/84617 [NEW PORT] www/p5-WWW-Mixi: "Perl module of
2005/08/06 ports/84623 devel/newfile: Add COMMENT= to template
2005/08/06 ports/84625 New port: lang/twelf A meta-logical framework for
2005/08/06 ports/84627 new port: security/ipguard - Tool designed to protect
2005/08/06 ports/84629 [NEW PORT] security/p5-Crypt-NULL: Perl implementation
2005/08/06 ports/84630 lioux New upstream dnspython (1.3.4) is available
2005/08/07 ports/84642 New port: net/pear-Net_LDAP
2005/08/07 ports/84643 New port: devel/pear-PHPDoc
2005/08/07 ports/84653 New port: audio/emu10kx
2005/08/07 ports/84655 [New port] sysutils/raincoat
2005/08/09 ports/84687 New port: www/selenium
2005/08/09 ports/84701 [NEW PORT] audio/cowbell: elegant id3 editing
2005/08/09 ports/84712 new port: archivers/ecm - Compresses CD images by 
2005/08/09 ports/84721 [NEW PORT] deskutils/notification-daemon: desktop
2005/08/09 ports/84724 New port for MPFR library and fix broken libgmp4 port
2005/08/10 ports/84739 New Port: devel/p5-Danga-Socket
2005/08/10 ports/84753 [NEW PORT] chinese/acroread7-cht: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84755 [NEW PORT] chinese/acroread7-chs: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84757 new port: graphics/bmp2html - A bmp to html converter
2005/08/10 ports/84758 [NEW PORT] japanese/acroread7-jpn: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84763 [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-dan: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84768 [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-nld: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84769 [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-esp: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84771 [NEW PORT] Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84772 [NEW PORT] french/acroread7-fra: Acrobat Reader7
2005/08/10 ports/84775 new port: databases/kmysqladmin
2005/08/10 ports/84779 New port: net/py-radix - a python radix


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