OpenOffice2.0 64Bit ready?

Arno J. Klaassen arno at
Wed Aug 10 21:33:03 GMT 2005

> > I'm running the 32 bit Linux version from SuSE 9.3 under emulation on
> > my amd64 box and its working quite well, so there is always that option.
> I have not been so fortunate there either. I don't recall which Linux
> version I tried, but whichever it was it wasn't much better. It would
> start up okay but crashed easily.

I use 32bit linux openoffice.org1.9.100 .
It crashed easily till I replaced the first three line of the startup
script by :

 export PATH

This prevents OO from finding (wrong) /usr/local/bin/java.
Works flawless since (though I only use writer and spreadsheet).


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