What motherboard to use with AMD-64 + Adaptec 2200S + FBSD5.4 AMD-64 ?

Olaf Greve o.greve at axis.nl
Wed Aug 10 13:10:49 GMT 2005


First of all, I'm new to this list so I hope I'm not flogging a dead 
horse with my request, but I'm in some dire need of some good advice and 
I hope someone over here can help me (as I'm not 100% certain of some of 
the possible solutions I've seen)...

The situation:
I want to use FreeBSD 5.4 Release AMD-64, and I want to do so using my 
Adaptec 2200S U320 SCSI RAID controller. Now, the issue is that the 
machine that has been delivered has an Asus K8N deluxe board, with an 
AMD-64 Athlon XP 3400 processor, with a 754 socket.

The issue:
The motherboard only has 32-bit 33MHz PCI slots, and the Adaptec 2200S 
requires a 64-bit 66MHz (or faster) slot in order to be able to work at 
U320. I can use it in a 32-bit slot, but that would down-grade the 
performance to U160, which is something I really rather not want to do.

Basically, the question then winds down to the following:
Can anyone recommend me a good motherboard (preferrably server-grade) 
that can -preferrably- use the same processor, is compatible with 
FreeBSD 5.4 Release AMD-64, and that has at least one 64-bit 66MHz (or 
better) slot?

In case there are no possibilities for such a board with this particular 
processor, can anyone recommend a board that does have the correct type 
of PCI slots, and a different type of processor?

Thank you very kindly in advance for taking the time to address this 
request, and I hope someone has some good answers...

Kind regards,
Olaf Greve

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