Building JDK15 for AMD64 -- status of the "long-command" error?

dR dystopianrebel at
Wed Aug 3 12:48:15 GMT 2005

A few weeks ago, someone on the AMD64 list was going
to try to find a solution to the "long-command" error
that one sees when trying to build JDK15 for AMD64. 

One theory is that this problem is caused by a bug in
the Linux Java binary that is needed to seed the
FreeBSD build.

While sifting through the mail archive yesterday, I
saw a comment by someone saying that the JDK15 problem
does not exist in 5.4 CURRENT. (I am using 5.4

Would someone please confirm whether the bug exists in
5.4 CURRENT or 6.0?

Ottawa, Canada

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