Compaq v2310 revisited in 32-bit mode

Jung-uk Kim jkim at
Tue Aug 2 22:39:14 GMT 2005

On Monday 01 August 2005 04:33 pm, Pete Carah wrote:
> There is no 64-bit Broadcom driver out there that I could find that
> handled the 4318. had a 64bit driver that, when the
> .inf was patched to recognize the 4318, did so, but fbsd never
> attached the ndis driver due to a timeout.

Try this:$FILE/80211g.rar

One Linux user told it didn't work with their ndiswrapper but you may 
have better luck with NDISulator.  Who knows? ;-)

> The 32bit driver is better but doesn't handle WPA.  (in fact nothing
> shows up in "list scan" so something fundamental is wrong.  I got
> the driver out of my own /windows/system32/drivers directory so I
> know it works in windoze (WPA works fine in windows on the same
> access point). 

AFAIK, NDISulator doesn't (or can't?) do WPA yet.

Jung-uk Kim

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