Kernel panics running 5.4-RC3 and 5.4-STABLE on an AMD-64 with 8GB RAM

Diomidis Spinellis dds at
Tue Apr 26 10:25:08 PDT 2005

David O'Brien wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 08:48:26PM +0400, Diomidis Spinellis wrote:
>>I am trying to make a Tyan S4882 (K8QSPro) motherboard with two 2.2GHz 
>>Opterons and 8GB RAM to work with FreeBSD.  Both the 5.4-RC3 
>>installation boot disk, and Thursday's 5.4-STABLE code panic.  The 
>>system works fine with 4GB of RAM (it can run make buildworld), either 
>>by physically removing the memory, or by adding "set hw.physmem = 4GB" 
>>in boot/loader.rc.
> What BIOS version are you using, and what are your BIOS settings for
> memory related things?  Do you have "Hardware memory hole" or "Software
> memory hole" enabled?  Can use the full 8GB fine if you use "Failsafe
> defaults"?  If you use "Optimial defaults"?

I am using BIOS version 1.0.2.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to flash 
a newer BIOS; the procedure fails with an error indicating that the BIOS 
size did not mathc the image's size.  This happens with all BIOS 
versions, including the one we are currently running.  I'm waiting a 
reply from Tyan on this.

These are the memory related BIOS settings.

Advanced configuration:
- 4GB memory adjust is set to auto (it can also be set to manual, in 
which  case the hole size can be adjusted from 64MB - 2GB).
- ACPI SRAT table is enabled
- RSDT FADT revision 1
- HPET timer enabled
- Halt on error yes
- GART error reporting disabled

Chipset configuration:
- DRAM bank interleave auto
- Node memory interleave disabled
- ECC enabled
- DRAM ECC enamble
- ECC Scrub redirection enabled
- 4 bit ECC enabled
- DCACHE ECC ECC Scrub CPL disabled
- L2 ECC Scrub Ctl disabled
- DRAM ECC Scrub CPL 1.31 ms
- Speculative TLB reload enabled

In PCI configuration:
- IO MMU enabled , size 256MB



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