which video card for FreeBSD/amd64

Mikhail Teterin mi at corbulon.video-collage.com
Sun Apr 24 11:48:45 PDT 2005

> > I'll, probably, give up on NVidia soon. The free "nv" driver does not
> > support two monitors on the same card, and the proprietory "nvidia"
> > driver does not support amd64. My attempts to get the Linux/amd64 driver
> > to work have so far yielded nothing but solid hangs of the system.
> An amd64 version of the nvidia driver is in the works, but the amd64
> kernel needs some features before it cam become a reality.  I know
> that people are working on those features, but I know no idea what their
> timeline is.

You are, probably, talking about Page Attribute Table (PAT), right?
According to the Linux' driver's NVIDIA_Changelog, PAT is only used on
Linux since last fall -- earlier releases did not need it, it seems.
> > Is there a decent AGP or PCI-X 
> I assume you mean PCI-E here, not PCI-X.

I mean PCI-X. My IWill DK8X has no PCI-E slots.

> > dual-DVI card out there, that offers
> > decent 1600x1200 picture on FreeBSD/amd64? 3D is not a requirement...
> I have an ATI X600 Pro card driving a 1600x1200 LCD DVI display, and
> it looks __nice__. It only has one DVI output, though. I imagine that
> ATI sells versions that have dual DVI.

And Xorg/XFree86 had no problems? Since I'm buying a new one anyway, I'd
rather have something supported by our radeon drm-module, but such things
may not have dual DVIs... Thanks!


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