5.3, amd64, k8s pro locked up just now

Tom Shafron phred1975 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 19:35:48 PDT 2005

My 5.3 amd64 just locked up.  Seems to be a similar
problem to what Vivek has been describing.  The config

Tyan k8s pro (SATA version)
5.3 Release
2 x 246 opteron
onboard bge Gb ethernet
4 x 512 MB (2GB)
2 x 250 GB SATA (Western Digitial wd2500sd)

I have it configured as a Raid 1 mirror using GEOM

The circumstances were I was logged in remotely using
SSH and creating 2 large files (100 MB and 500 MB). I
created them and 0 filled them then mmapd the 500 MB
file and wrote to it using random access.

Upon closing the files the whole system froze for a
couple of seconds (to be expected since it was
flushing all the data I had just written).  I was then
able to use the system normally for maybe 15 seconds
when ssh just froze up on me.  I was still able to
ping for about 10-15 minutes but was getting 30 ms
response times using a machine that's directly
connected to it (no hub) until the machine completely
stopped responding.

Since it's at a remote location I'm going to check it
out tomorrow and see if I can figure out what happened
but this seems very similar to what Vivek was
reporting earlier.  It doesn't seem to be related to
network access though and seems to have more to do
with heavy disk I/O... or maybe it's just heavy bus
traffic that causes it...

Btw, is there a specific place I should be submitting
this bug report (new to the freebsd community)?


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