designing new freebsd server for amd64 arch

Ken Gunderson kgunders at
Tue Apr 19 10:05:24 PDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 09:59:43 -0700 (PDT)
Tom Shafron <phred1975 at> wrote:

> How often did this occur for you?  What was the use
> for the light testing (how man connections/sec and
> Mb/sec)?  I'm trying to figure out if the testing I've
> done would have shown this issue already or not...
> I haven't gone live with the server yet so have only
> been using it for beta testing... I did quite a few
> bursts at about 50Mbps and 1200 conns/sec for about 1
> minute at a time and didn't have any problems and
> since then it's been running at much lower traffic
> (maybe 1 connection every 30 seconds).  It's been up
> for a couple of weeks with no apparent issues/hangs...
> but as I said it hasn't been under much strain yet...
> --- Gary Mu1der <gmulder at> wrote:
> > Tom,
> > 
> > I'm not certain that this is definitively the bge
> > interface, but even in 
> > light testing we've had the bge interface
> > mysteriously hang. We had to 
> > power the entire server off and then on. Not even a
> > soft reboot fixed 
> > the interface.
> > 
> > Gary
> > 
> > Tom Shafron wrote:
> > > I haven't experienced problems with the onboard
> > bge
> > > NICs on my Tyan 2882... but now you have me
> > nervous...
> > > do you have a link to people discussing the issues
> > > that I can check out?

fwiw- I had some privte correspondence with Vivek, who was having such
issues.  He moved off the bge and they cleared up.  Apparently works
pretty well since he informed me that he's ordered a sister machine.
The systems in quiestion were doing some heavy db lifting.  Think he
swithced to Intel NIC.  Check the archives earlier this month.

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