REcomomendations- New to AMD64 Platform

Ken Gunderson kgunders at
Mon Apr 18 13:03:43 PDT 2005


I'm a long time FreeBSD useer but with as of yet no experience with the
ADM64 platform.  Ready to take the plunge but want to make sure I've
got my ducks in a row first.  

I'm considering using a Tyan based barebones, e.g. TA26 which uses
their K8S Pro mainboard fleshed out with a couple 246's, ZCR, 2x1 GB
DDR333, and some seagate u320 scsi drives. Deployment will be web/
application (maybe some Zope/ Plone/ JBoss/ Jetty/ Tomcat stuff)/ email
and database server project. No real heavy lifting on the db side.  

I've searched through the archives and find that there have been
various issues in the past with the Tyan K8SR and K8S Pro boards, but
from what I gather they were not necessarily platform specific, e.g.
broadcom driver and > 4gb of ram, and have apparently been resolved.
These two boards seem to use the same components but in different
layouts.  Are there any outstanding issues with one vs. the other that
I should be aware of?

Any feedback/advice greaty appreciated.  Thanks.

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson
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