David O'Brien obrien at
Sun Apr 17 23:30:13 PDT 2005

On Sat, Apr 16, 2005 at 01:55:17PM +0200, Florent Thoumie wrote:
> 	That makes the box usuable (remove "totally" if it can make you 
> 	happier).

What is not working for you with your motherboard would be a big issue to
many people I know.
> 	My point is that a page with FreeBSD/amd64 status on different 
> 	MBs would be much more useful than "Plz stay away from nvidia, 
> 	this is crap".

Ok, where's the patch to the

People VERY often as me for recomendations.  I'm not a walking catalog
for every AMD64 motherboard in existance -- I can only speak to the ones
I have used and others I know personally use.  I know of not a single AMD
or VIA chipset based motherboard that has issues.  I know of not a single
nVidia based motherboard that doesn't have issues.  I can only offer the
knowledge *I* have when I'm asked.

-- David  (obrien at

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