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Sat Apr 16 04:05:24 PDT 2005

"O. Hartmann" <ohartman at> writes:
> My question si: how to force nVidia delivering the needed
> informations? It should be an aspect of customer demand. nVidia
> earns money with each sold nForce based motherboard and each GForce
> based graphics card and the better the support, the more they can
> sell.

Why would they care about FreeBSD users?  Unlike Linux, FreeBSD has
approximately zero brainshare in the computer press, and unlike
FreeBSD, Linux runs perfectly well on nForce chipsets.  In fact, the
Asus SK8N which David loathes is "Linux-certified".  If I didn't
already know that FreeBSD is perfect and flawless and that David is
the Christ reborn, I'd be tempted to conclude that there is something
wrong with FreeBSD (or David), not with the nForce chipset.

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