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Sat Apr 16 03:56:47 PDT 2005

Bruce Evans <bde at> writes:
> You could just use the existing mechanism __IDSTRING(), preferably
> after fixing it to actually work.  (__IDSTRING() generates invalid
> asm if the string has a newline in it.  Among other bugs, this breaks
> most uses of __COPYRIGHT().)

__IDSTRING() places the string in a separate section.  By default,
strings(1) only extracts strings from code and data sections, so the
good old 'strings -n 3 kernel | grep \^___' wouldn't work.  Not a big
deal, but still a slight POLA breach.

Including the config file unaltered as a separate ELF section might be
conceptually cleaner, but objdump(1) doesn't seem to have an option to
dump the unaltered contents of a section (it prints the contents in a
format similar to 'hexdump -C') so we'd need a special-purpose tool to
extract the file.

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