amd64/79813: Will not install/run on amd64 nForce 4 platform

Федор Васильев feodor_destroyer at
Wed Apr 13 00:01:06 PDT 2005

Здравствуйте, David.

DD> Free BSD will not install on my amd64 nForce 4 based
DD> platform.  I think it is a problem with the pci express platform. 
DD> I have also had this problem with linux distro's.        
DD> Try to install on an nForce 4 chipset machine.      
I have ECS KN1 motherboard with nforce4
everything fine - try to install in noACPI mode
than, compile kernel without option NO_MIXED_MODE
everything fine except internal gigabit network and some cyrillic
 uname -a
FreeBSD *********** 5.4-STABLE FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE #0:
Mon Apr 11 11:38:19 MSD 2005
root@***********:/usr/src/sys/amd64/compile/WORK2.1  amd64

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