linux- ports on amd64

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Sat Apr 9 10:37:10 PDT 2005


linux_base-8 installed without a hitch, but linux-gtk2 and
its dependencies kept complaining about amd64. I had to patch
them all with

+ONLY_FOR_ARCHS=	i386 amd64

and rename distinfo.i386 back into distinfo for the time being.
linux-jpeg was a special case, requiring the following patch:

-RPM_SET=	libjpeg-6b-15.${MACHINE_ARCH}.rpm
+RPM_SET=	libjpeg-6b-15.${MACHINE_ARCH:S/amd64/i386/}.rpm

As a result linux-firefox installed and is usable.

Is this problem just an oversight or was there a conscientious decision
to limit these ports to i386, when amd64 is also perfectly capable to
use them?


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