revert back to i386 arch

Thomas Spreng spreng at
Tue Apr 5 03:52:42 PDT 2005


I have just installed an amd64 arch release on my new computer (64bit
athlon cpu). Unfortunatley, NVidia doesn't provide any gfx drivers for
amd64 architecture yet. The problem is that my graphic card isn't
supported by the opensource nvidia (xorg) driver and hence I'd have to
stick with the generic vesa driver. But it doesn't seem to support more
than 60Hz VertRefresh rate which is unacceptable for me (using a CRT).

Therefore I'd like to recompile my system back to i386 since my gfx card
should be supported on that arch. Using CPUTYPE=p4 and TARGET_ARCH=i386
arguments on buildworld and buildkernel targets should do the trick,
Or are there any other solutions for my problem?



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