[PATCH test] K8N-E deluxe / Nforce3 250 : no agp support yet ?

Eric Anholt eta at lclark.edu
Fri Apr 1 18:03:47 PST 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-02 at 01:53 +0000, Ganael Laplanche wrote:
> Hi Kim,
> Thank you very much for you answer.
> I tried your patch, but unfortunately, no agp device was detected... so I
> modified it a bit and managed to get this :
> It seems that your patch can manage nforce3, not nforce3-250. My patch makes
> nforce3-250 detected, but unfortunately, the system hangs at X startup... so it
> is not yet usable.

It looks like more is required than just PCI IDs for nforce3 support.  I
would recommend anyone interested take a look at the nvidia-agp driver
in linux for the process.


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