Tyan k8sr lockups

Vivek Khera vivek at khera.org
Fri Apr 1 08:18:50 PST 2005

On Apr 1, 2005, at 9:21 AM, Gary Mu1der wrote:

> Is there a way to force a crash dump? I heard mention of a key combo 
> on the console to force a crash dump, but I suspect the console 
> keyboard is totally hung as well.
> Does anyone have a doc on how to run the kernel under gdb or something 
> and log what is happening to a serial console?

when I get my lockups (had another this A.M.) the serial console line 
is non-responsive as well.  I cannot break into the kernel debugger at 
all.  There is no evidence of *anything* going bad other than the 
machine is totally unresponsive to network and console.  nothing is 
logged anywhere, including the BIOS.

when it happens it is during time of heavy I/O + network load.  I'm now 
running with debug.mpsafenet=0 to see if i'm tickling a bug in the 
network stack, given that I saw some bge0 timeouts earlier.

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