newby AMD-64 port compiling questions

Rob rob2 at
Wed Sep 29 17:33:07 PDT 2004

I know on Windoze, i386 and 64 bit applications are supposed to coexist.

Is this true on FreeBSD?

If so, is the port collection set up so that known problem 64bit ports 
only compile under i386?

How do I know whether a port or binary is i386 or 64 bit?  with the port 
I suppose the Makefile would tell me

Is there a switch that will allow me to choose either i386 or 64 bit 
when compiling a port?

If these kinds of questions are answered in a FAQ or handbook section, 
please point me in the right direction.
Otherwise after I figure all of this out I would not mind writing it all 
up myself.


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