i386 or AMD64?

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Wed Sep 29 02:43:18 PDT 2004

Sean McNeil <sean at mcneil.com> wrote:
 > My main system is an amd64 running -current.  Everything works great:
 > gnome, kde, ogg encode/decode, etc.  Linux32 compatibility is working as
 > well.  I can even run java apps with Linux32.  The only thing lacking
 > for me is native java so I can have java support in the browser and get
 > eclipse going.

Can't you just use the Linux binary of the browser and then
use the Linux java support?  That's what I do on i386, so I
can use all the Linux plugins etc.  (I don't have an amd64
machine, so I can't  say for sure, but it _should_ work
there as well.)

(Personally I'm using Opera for which a FreeBSD/i386 binary
exists, but the Linux binary has been proven to be more
stable in my environment anyway.)

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