freebsd i386 on amd64 hardware?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Sep 27 17:36:05 PDT 2004


Fernan Aguero wrote:
> Right now I'm having trouble finding places to buy MSI
> motherboards here in Argentina. Right now I have only one option.
> But it seems like I may be able to buy a Tyan S2850 or a
> S2875 ... also heard good things about these ones.
I do not know those but Tyan is a very good brand. The boards are very 

We use them even for web-servers.

There is only one problem, which is none if you know it, the BIOS has to 
be updated very often if the board is new. It even could happen that you 
will have to update it before you will be able to install any new 
operating system.


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