freebsd i386 on amd64 hardware?

Rob rob2 at
Sun Sep 26 16:40:52 PDT 2004

David O'Brien wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 06:09:47PM -0300, Fernan Aguero wrote:
>>I'm planning to buy a new box, and would like to move to
>>amd64 hardware. 
> ..
>>My question would thus be:
>>is it possible to run 32-bit FreeBSD (4.x) on amd64
> It *SHOULD* work just fine.  Others in this thread say it works great
> (and I myself use an Athlon64 as an 'i386' -CURRENT test build box).
> However, no one has spoken saying they run 4.10.
> FreeBSD/i386 will run on AMD64 hardware, the real question is are all the
> typical devices on AMD64 motherboards supported in 4.10.  That I don't
> know.
>>PS: I've been reading the list for recommended
>>motherboards and chipsets and probably will be sticking to
>>an MSI with a Via K8T800 chipset. If you have other suggestions
>>I'll be more than glad to hear them. Thanks!
> I think you'll have a great experience with that particular choice.
The real question is whether AMD will change sockets again.  But they 
claim on their site that legacy sockets will be supported.  It makes 
           choosing the chip/mobo very confusing.  Frys here locally had 
about 10 Abit AV8's, all customer returns due to socket confusion.   Rob.

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