can't install !

Alex D'Elia acme at
Sun Sep 26 02:37:26 PDT 2004

Hi dear people,

i am following the developing of the 5.X branch since the
beginning and i got a web server running beautifully on
an old hardware with 5.2.1 FreeBSD.

My server for users just died this august, and i planned
to make it more powerful for the high user request.
As i knew 5.3 would be coming out in semptember ( now october )
i decided to give a try to amd64 and did get the hardware.

I got a normal IDE HardDisk, a good LG DVD, and easy nvidia
and an ASUS K8V SE DELUXE, cause i read good about it and was cheap.
Processor amd64 2800+

Now, i tried to install 5.2.1, and the beta versions of 5.3
but had no success, it always stops at the moment of creating
the filesystems.
i got famous ad0 FAILURE errors, and last, with 5.3-BETA5
a problem in finding /dev/swap node.
There ofcourse it stops cause it cant create the filesystem
to populate.

So, if anyone got an idea if that has still to do with the current
status, then i would patiently wait for the release, but
if the problem might be related to something else then i must find
a solutions. Or users will kill me :)

thanks a lot,

** acme aka Alex D'Elia		-->
** mail:: acme at

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