A number of show-stopper bugs...

Axel Gonzalez loox at e-shell.net
Sat Sep 25 11:12:36 PDT 2004

I'm running -CURRENT, so not sure if this applies to 5.3

I noticed some problems with snd_via8233 with prior kernels (~ < 17 sep, last 
I built with problems was around 10 sep)

Under heavy disk activity (cvsup, buildworld) esdplay almost completly crashed 
the system.. x was dead (mouse didn't move), most services were dead (ssh ftp 
natd), but it replied to pings.

With no disk activy, I was able to listen to a stream for hours + kde sounds + 
edsplay with no problems .

With last kernel I built (17 sep) system seems to be ok, and haven't been able 
to reproduce the problem again.

I think there is some other minor problem with esdplay, but haven't been able 
to trace it, or even  confirm it. Building a new kernel now, and try to find 
the problem (or see if it even exists).

I' m also using NETGRAPH modules (dinamically loaded) for pppoe with no 
problems whatsoever for almost a month now.

Im using:
FreeBSD moonlight.e-shell.net 6.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 6.0-CURRENT #1: Fri Sep 17 
23:38:49 CDT 2004     root at moonlight.e-shell.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/LXAMD64  

ng modules:

 6    4 0xffffffff96343000 d5c2     netgraph.ko
 7    2 0xffffffff96351000 1add     ng_ether.ko
 8    1 0xffffffff96353000 43f9     ng_pppoe.ko
 9    1 0xffffffff96358000 24ed     ng_socket.ko

On Saturday 25 September 2004 06:47, Shaun Jurrens wrote:
> Hei guys,
> This is just an informal heads up at the moment, perhaps just to either get
> a few hits with the clue bat or to inform about some nasty kernel bugs.
> I have run across a number of things that produce unbootable or unstable
> kernels:
> 1) Loading the sound and snd_via8233 modules after boot crashed my
> machine within 30 minutes.  I first received a ca. 50Hz white noise sound
> before freezing the box and subsequent reboot.  I was using mpg123 with
> a 1024kb buffer, downloading via scp and running Mozilla. No crashdump
> available yet...  With both compiled in the kernel, things seem to be
> stable.
> 2) Adding NETGRAPH modules to the kernel config produces unbootable kernels
> in almost any configuration (trying to get the bluetooth stuff working).
> Using the kernel modules produced no working results. No crashdump yet...

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