Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Fri Sep 24 23:55:18 PDT 2004

Rob wrote:
> Not even able to get any text out of the bios on my system.  AMD 64 
> 3800.  Abit AV8 mobo, 3 banksof 512k 400Mhz memory,  Adaptek 29160 with 
> 2 SCSI 160 drives.  uP was OEM so using Zalman fan and heat sink.  Video 
> is old Abit board, model now unknown, but worked well for 3 os's and a 
> few years. 
> When I power up I get the whirring fans and  a bright red led. Nothing 
> seems to get abnormally hot.    Maybe I need new video card.

  Its more likely that you need to change your memory configuration,
  The socket 939 3800+  is using a 128 bit memory bus.  states that the AV8 board is socket 939.
  I would use 2 or 4  non-ecc memory Dimms from the approved list:

  Using 3 Dimms is not going to work !

  You need to place equal number of Dimms in both memory-banks,
  One in a blue slot and one in purple slot according to the image
  on Abits website.

  Its probably better to continue this discussion here:

  or here:

  This mailinglist is supposed to address software issues in the
  Freebsd AMD64 port.

  Regards //Lars

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