Mainboard suggestions?

John Wilson solita2 at
Tue Sep 21 18:57:02 PDT 2004

Hello all,

First off, I would just like to thank everyone who replied to my initial
inquery both here on the list as well as via e-mail.

Trying to choose an AMD64 mainboard has, literally, been a virtual
nightmare.  All of my previous home built machines have always centered
on Intel CPU's and Intel brand mainboards.  For whatever reasons, I've
always been wary of other manufacturers.

At any rate, I think I've stabilized my choice on the ABit KV8 Pro
mainboard.  Many of the reviews that I've read seem to value this
board quite well, and from what I've been able to gather from various
other sources, it is well supported in FreeBSD.

In regard to the ALC850 audio, it does appear to be supported via generic
ac97.  Grep'ing /usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/ac97.h shows this.  Based on a
quick google search, it appears to be one of the better onboard implementations
to boot, which is nice.

The VT6122 GB Ethernet also appears to be supported by the 'vge' driver.

The rest of the board is rather standard stuff.

All of this is truly wonderful, but my hesitation remains in a few other
key areas.  ABit doesn't seem to have the following as say, Asus or MSI.  I
do understand that this really means nothing in itself, and based on the
reviews that I've read it does seem like a nice board.  However, I've not been
able to find that much information on -personal- experiences with this board
in semi-long term... terms.

Is anyone here running this mainboard?  If so, what are your impressions of
it?  Good, bad?

Anything anyone else can add would be most appreciated.  : )

Thank you,
John Wilson.

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