amd64/71753: DRI loads but fails to render on Radeon 9200se(RV280).

Eric Anholt anholt at
Wed Sep 15 18:07:53 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 14:24, John Baldwin wrote:
> Do you have any errors in Xorg.0.log?  Also, did you add an 'AGPSize' option 
> to your Xorg config file to tell it you have a 64MB aperture?  X seems to 
> assume a default size of 8MB unless you explicitly tell it you have more.

The AGPSize is just to say how much of the aperture to allocate and bind
for use.  It turns out that 8MB is all that's really necessary, due to
poor or nonexistent use of AGP textures, so that basically what gets
used in AGP are the 3MB of vertex/indirect/ring buffers.

I wasn't previously aware of any 64-bit issues in the Radeon/R200 DRI
(and some have used these on 64-bit machines before), but to me that
seems like the most likely reason to find bad command buffers.

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