Gregor Bittel Gregor.Bittel at
Tue Sep 14 05:22:55 PDT 2004

I'd like to remind you of my small project[1] -- a list[1] of
SMP-boards running FreeBSD (in real SMP-mode with two or more
physical processors - sorted by CPU-socket/slot).

Everyone is invited to add his known-working FreeBSD-SMP-board
to this list, especially the older ones - they are very hard to
find (and I don't want to buy them all on online-auctions - my
room and money are limited ;)

Only real MP boards will be listed, that is, only boards with
two or more physical processors installed -- running a FreeBSD
SMP kernel -- and which can be identified by a specific name or
number.  For example, the "Tyan Tiger i7505 S2668AN" and the 
"Tyan Tiger i7505 S2668ANR" are different boards and will be
listed as different, each with an own entry).

To add a mainboard, please submit (in addition to the exact
brand and label) the output of the dmesg(8) and mptable(1)
commands, and optionally the "pciconf -l -v" output as well. 
The BIOS revision would be nice, too.  Please take care to
remove the host and/or domain name from the dmesg(8) output
(only if you don't want it should be public).
Any known caveats or remarks that may be helpful to other
users are also most welcome!

Currently 151 SMP-boards are listed, and my local list contains
633 different boards at the moment (including the 151 on the 

Some words about my person:
I started my first FreeBSD-Installation in July 1999 (I ordered
a CD-Set from a German Distributor), and since this time I am
infected with the FreeBSD-Virus ;)

And not to forget: I would like to say "Thank you" - for my
favourite Operating System and for reading this mail.
best regards,

Gregor.Bittel at

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