3ware (twe, twa) support for AMD64 in 5.3?

Jason M. Leonard fuzz at ldc.upenn.edu
Wed Sep 8 06:51:52 PDT 2004

On Sun, 5 Sep 2004, Tomaz Borstnar wrote:

> At 18:39 5.9.2004, Jason M. Leonard wrote:
>> 1. Are the 3ware drivers ready for production on AMD64?
> so far twa seem to work OK on 5.3beta. Will test it more extensively in 
> future.

Thanks.  I do have several AMD64 boxes with 3ware 9500 cards.  They're all 
running i386 right now, though, because I bought them based on the fact 
that twa was in the AMD64 GENERIC in -CURRENT at the time.  Silly me 
not to do my research; twa built fine in -CURRENT, newfs seemed OK, 
mounting the volume seemed OK, but anything after that resulted in a 
panic.  So I read the threads cited in my previous email, smacked myself 
on the head and installed FreeBSD/i386 on those machines.

But I still wanted a box running FreeBSD/AMD64, so I ordered an all-SCSI 
box with an asr(4)-based SCSI card.  Because this time I checked the 
hardware release notes for AMD64 and asr(4) was listed.  Cool.

Except, of course, when I tried to install FreeBSD/AMD64 on my new SCSI 
machine I found that asr(4) didn't really work after all.

Now I need to purchase new hardware again, so this time I thought I would 
ask first instead of making another mistake.  Since twa(4) seems to be 
working for you I'll take down one of the boxes currently running FreeBSD/i386, 
install 5.3/AMD64 on it and begin extenstive testing today.


>> 2. Will the CLI utilities run on AMD64?
> Hmm, i can check that one of these days.
> Tomaz

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