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bram brampie at
Mon Sep 6 05:52:01 PDT 2004


Thank you very much for yur clear advice but:

Isn't there a workaround for this, I am a experienced mac user and have 
two G5 machines
these work on the PPC950 wich is 64bit, on this machine you can mix 
32bit with 64 bit indicating that this would be possible.

I would still prefer to use the 64bit version, so maybe you know wether 
MySQL is a good option (on AMD64)
I've also read that POSTGRESQL is 64 runable but I am new to all this 
so I am open for suggestions.

Also I would like to install a filesharing protocol on it. Since 
netatalk doesn't seems to work on AMD64 (I think)
What would be another good option for both inter- and intranet 
preferably not nfs or Samba.

I would appreciate if you could answer these questions and give me some 


Op 6-sep-04 om 10:54 heeft Erich Dollansky het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> bram wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I've just installed freebsd AMD64 and have come to the (maybe wrong) 
>> conclusion that you cannot run 32 bit software on it.
> I think that you are right for the moment if you talk about the mix of 
> 32 and 64 bit applications.
>> whenever I try to compile for i386 freebsd something it says I do not 
>> have i386 and therefor cannot he cannot compile.
>> A programmer that I know says that c code is not processor specific 
>> and also that the amd64 support 32 bit applications.
> It would be so nice of this would be true.
>> So I ask you, what is the problem here and how can I solve it.
>> programs wich are a problem here are MySQL and hotline for unix.
>> can't I just say something like: compile 32 bit ?
> You have two options. One is that there is a 64 bit port available, 
> the other one is that you install the 32 bit version of FreeBSD on 
> your machine.
> Erich

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