Newbie question

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Sep 6 01:54:15 PDT 2004


bram wrote:
> Hi all
> I've just installed freebsd AMD64 and have come to the (maybe wrong) 
> conclusion that you cannot run 32 bit software on it.

I think that you are right for the moment if you talk about the mix of 
32 and 64 bit applications.

> whenever I try to compile for i386 freebsd something it says I do not 
> have i386 and therefor cannot he cannot compile.
> A programmer that I know says that c code is not processor specific and 
> also that the amd64 support 32 bit applications.

It would be so nice of this would be true.

> So I ask you, what is the problem here and how can I solve it.
> programs wich are a problem here are MySQL and hotline for unix.
> can't I just say something like: compile 32 bit ?
You have two options. One is that there is a 64 bit port available, the 
other one is that you install the 32 bit version of FreeBSD on your machine.


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