Latest MFCs break boot on amd64 notebook.

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Fri Sep 3 22:10:52 PDT 2004

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> Subject: Re: Latest MFCs break boot on amd64 notebook.

Unfortunately, due to either a mistake on my part or a spiteful Makefile, /boot/kernel.old/ is totally gone.  I wish it wasn't, otherwise I'd be able to look at the contents of my root partition more carefully.  As you suggested, /boot/loader.old works almost as well as /boot/loader but the old version doesn't allow me to load/unload modules like I can with the new version.  But it doesn't matter whether I'm using /boot/loader.old or /boot/loader.  As soon as I have /boot/kernel/kernel loaded into memory and tell it to boot, the "-\|/" twirley spins for a fraction of a second, freezes, and the computer powers down a few seconds later.

Unless I can figure out how to successfuly mount and run the userland on my root partition by way of the kernel from a 2 month old install CD or a cross-built kernel, there isn't much else I can do.

It's worth mentioning that this notebook needs a small patch to address compatibility problem with the keyboard (it's in GNATS) so that the first probe won't cause it to reboot.  I also compiled out ACPI, which has never worked right.  Up until now, however, the notebook booted up ok otherwise.
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