Latest MFCs break boot on amd64 notebook.

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Sep 3 17:51:48 PDT 2004

Andrew Lankford wrote:
> The latest MFCs (the eagerly awaited boot-time module
>  loading functionality on amd64) compiled ok, but my
> machine freezes and then powers down shortly after
> "boot" from the loader.  I would try to give you all
> more details, but my old working kernel seems to be
> lost, and so I'm pretty much down for the count.
> Any other amd64 users out there tried rebuilding
> their kernels in the past few hours?
> Andrew Lankford

Were you actually trying to load any modules from the loader,
or was it just loading in the kernel?  Also, have you tried
running a 6-CURRENT system for comparison?


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