FreeBSD 5.3 problem on Dual AMD64 2.2GHz with 8GB RAM continues

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Oct 29 01:02:38 PDT 2004

Ganbold wrote:
> At 12:34 PM 10/29/2004, you wrote:
>> > With 4GB RAM I compiled kernel without ATA support and tried new kernel
>> > with 8GB RAM.
>> You definately don't want to use ATA, so it is good you compiled it out.
>> It is felt by several of us that there is a problem with ATA in >4GB
>> systems right now.
>> Correct me if I'm wrong -- Scott Long verified that the driver for the
>> IBM RAID controller you are using is 64-bit clean and has no known issues
>> on >4GB systems?
> Scott didn't tell me. So I thought it is clean. Maybe now he will 
> confirm it.
> I'm cc-ing to him.
> Ganbold

The ips driver looks like it will fail under heavy load when more than 
4GB of RAM is present.  I tries to force busdma to not defer requests
when the bounce page reserve is low, but that looks to be broken and
will result in corrupted commands.


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