status of Linux-base kld in 5.3

Tim Robbins tjr at
Fri Oct 22 02:34:43 PDT 2004

On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 08:11:44PM -0700, BSD Samba wrote:
> Guys (and Gals) - 
> I don't want to interupt the work going on with
> getting 5.3 release ready.  From the dabbling I've
> done in the past couple of weeks, I love it!  I'm
> currently rebuilding my BSD machine, with a new amd64
> processor - trying to use 5.3 amd64 BETA7.
> I've run into trouble, though getting linux_base and
> the KLD working.  I've seen some mention in the
> release notes that it isn't (or wasn't) quite ready.
> Does anyone know whether in 5.3 RC1 which appears to
> have been uploaded to the ftp site merely days ago,
> will I be able to get linux_base working, in order to
> get jkd14 going, in order to get openoffice
> compiled...?
> Thanks for any insight.  I love my amd64, and I'd much
> prefer to run the amd64 than the i386 version of BSD.

My understanding is that the Linux emulation bits and pieces in the ports
collection are not fully usable on amd64 at the moment. Additionally, it
isn't yet possible to build the Linux emulator as a module on amd64; it has
to be compiled into the kernel.

I put these notes together a few months ago on how to get the Linux
versions of and Java running on FreeBSD:


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