How to install snapshot release? - (not how to burn cd; but rather how to make new ISO file)

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Thu Oct 21 12:07:48 PDT 2004

I think you mis-understood me; there isn't an .iso image file to burn. I do
know how to burn one if such an image existed; it's generating the .iso
image file in the firstplace that I'm trying to figure out... I need to
download the snapshot release for the AMD64 platform, and there doesn't
appear to be any ready-made ISO-IMAGES for that platform, so back to my
original question... how does one take the snapshot release downloaded from, and generate a bootable cdrom or cdrom image file?
(I know how to use mkisofs; more or less generating the boot image I can't
seem to get)...


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> On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 09:58:16AM -0400, Communications Machine wrote:
> > Odd question here, but have been unable to figure this one out...
> >
> > Downloaded the 'current' snapshot from, but how
> > I create a bootable cdrom from this stuff?
> If you have SCSI or ATAPICAM:
>     # cdrecord -scanbus
>     # cdrecord -v dev=<specification from above> foo.iso
> Or if you have pure ATA burner, 'man burncd' the exact line to use is in
> the examples.
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