Java 1.4.x + Tomcat5 + MySQL 4.x on AMD64

Kyle Mott kyle at
Wed Oct 13 15:38:57 PDT 2004

Hi all.

I'm thinking about purchasing a high-end dual Opteron system to run some
heavy duty Java apps requiring a MySQL backend. I wanted the lists
suggestions on the speed / stability of Java 1.4.x with Tomcat 5, and
MySQL 4. I would really like to run everything natively in 64bit, but
judging from the few list archives I have read, it is probably not

My 2 main concerns here are the stability and speed of Java and the
speed of MySQL. Currently, I have to enable linuxthreads on 4-STABLE in
order to get good performance out of MySQL. 


-Kyle Mott

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